American Medical Response – North America


American Medical Response (AMR) is the largest private ambulance service in North America. Responding to more than 8,600 requests for service per day and with a staff of 17,000, AMR serves 2,100 communities in 38 states.  AMR sees more patients than any other prehospital care and transportation organization in North America. In recent years, the organization committed strongly to improving clinical quality and aspired to develop needed improvement capability to achieve the results witnessed throughout health care.


AMR is embarked on an improvement journey modeled after the IHI Breakthrough Series Improvement Collaborative Model used around the world and throughout health care. More than a dozen AMR operations from across North America tested changes in two work streams: sudden cardiac arrest and pain management. These clinical areas were directly connected with AMR’s clinical strategic plan. This work was the first patient care improvement collaborative in this segment of health care or public safety.