Critically Acclaimed Serial Podcast Subject Worked as an EMT

03 Dec Critically Acclaimed Serial Podcast Subject Worked as an EMT

For the last few weeks a breakout hit program from the maker’s of NPR’s This American Life has been gripping the attention of listers. Serial is a weekly podcast that profiles an exploration into a 15 year old Baltimore murder case of a high school girl – Hae Min Lee. The accused and eventually convicted subject of the Podcast is Adnan Syed; Lee’s on again, off again boyfriend from senior year. The story, delivered in wonderfully edited and produced audio only format, walks you through an exhaustive review of the evidence and real interviews leaving you questioning every fact. In one of the episodes, it’s mentioned that Syed was an EMT and that his training was used as evidence against him at trail because it provided him special knowledge about strangulation. Serial is perfect for when you want to disconnect for 30 minutes and are stuck in traffic. I highly recommended it. You can listen directly from the Serial website here or through iTunes on your favorite device here.

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