Speaker Series

18 Sep Speaker Series: Full Video & Materials from International Roundtable on Community Paramedics

https://vimeo.com/106540137 On Wednesday, 03 September 2014, Dr. Williams presented an hour long plenary to the 10 International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine. The topic was looking at community paramedicine through the lenses of The Triple Aim and the Science of Improvement. The meeting was the largest in...

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16 Jul WIHI: From Prehospital to In-Hospital — The Continuum for Time-Sensitive Care (July 24, 2014)

UPDATE: Listen to Podcast recording HERE. Session Details Session Details July 24, 2014: From Prehospital to In-Hospital — The Continuum for Time-Sensitive Care Kedar Mate, MD, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement David M. Williams, PhD, Chief Executive and Founder, Medic Health Jonathan R. Studnek, PhD, NRP, Quality Improvement Manager, Mecklenburg EMS...

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28 Jun Speaker Series: Missouri Center for Patient Safety, EMS Patient Safety Conference, October 1, 2014, Jefferson City, MO, USA

The Missouri Center for Patient Safety is the first federally-designated state patient safety organization to work in the prehospital care sector of healthcare. Each year the Center sponsors the only American conference devoted to EMS Patient Safety. Dr. Williams is pleased to be one of the...

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